Shaftman Performance Hall • Presented by Jefferson Center
Saturday, April 19, 2014 - 2:00pm

LUMA is an artistic extravaganza that uses the dark as a canvas and light as the brush.

Unseen performers produce a swirling tapestry of motion and light, depicting the illumination of the world as we know it through everything from fireflies to fireworks.

With shows in Japan, India, Venezuela, Scotland, Italy and Holland, LUMA has astonished audiences across the globe with its innovative, creative and revolutionary approach.

Over fifteen years of technical research and development has gone into this unforgettable show. Pioneers of a new genre of performance, the artists of LUMA combine rhythmic gymnastics, juggling, magic, puppetry, physics, dance and experimental methods with hi-tech self-illuminated objects. Critics rave, “LUMA is the theatrical equivalent of the aurora borealis..., as beautiful as it is dramatic.”

"Illuminating, the science of art" - Washington Post

"Pure utter beauty in all its metaphorical wonder" - NPR Radio

"Truly magical, turns an audience of adults into a bedlam a kid" - SF Chronicle

"Never fails to amaze" - Chicago Tribune

“A shining example of creativity. Quite simply out of the world.” – The Herald

“Literally and figuratively illuminating, never fails to amaze.” – The Chicago Tribune