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Music Lab Song Project

2014 Song Project Album available now for only $10

The Song Project, a collaboration between Jefferson Center and songwriter Heather Krantz, places songwriters and artists in local classrooms and engages young students in the creative process of song. The songs are then professionally recorded and produced inside the Music Lab studio so the students, parents, teachers, and the entire community can celebrate their creativity.

With their unrestrained imaginations, students make incredible co-writers and are able to offer powerful imagery and context to a story being told through song. Throughout the Song Project experience, students learn about teamwork, collaboration, diversity, and expression through the group songwriting process. During the process, students express their feelings through song, providing all of the kids with a better understanding of their classmates and the world around them, while developing the students’ appreciation of and participation in arts and culture.


Special thanks to Foundation for Roanoke Valley for their support of Song Project 2014. Thank you to Heather Krantz for her songwriting abilities and dedication to this project.

Resident artists: Toni Blackman, Magda Giannikou and Banda Magda.

We would like to thank all principals, teachers, and school administrators for their incredible dedication to these amazing young people. Special thanks to the teachers and faculty at Fairview Elementary School, Glen Cove Elementary School, Crystal Spring Elementary School and East Salem Elementary School.

Music Lab Musicians & Engineers: Joe ’Bass’ DeJarnette, Dylan Locke, Carlos Aranguren, Chris Blankenship, Brian Mesko, Jamiel Allen, Nick Corrigan, & Gabe Morales

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