Cimarron Music and Dance Workshops

Fun and Learning for the Whole Family


Jefferson Center and the Harry & Lavon Webb Education Center are bringing the world renowned llanera music ensemble “Cimarrón” to Roanoke to lead local students in TWO FREE once-in-a-lifetime workshops, followed by a must-see, theatrical public performance of music and dance in the Shaftman Performance Hall!


TUES, SEPT 12, 6:30PM-7:15PM


Maracas are percussive shakers of indigenous origin, they are present in llanera music and a main component of Cimarron’s music. The Maracas tradition and technique is an accesible gateway into the indigenous traditions of Latin America, and a playful opportunity to discover nuances present llanera music.

Workshop components:

1. Introduction to the instrument (ethnic origins, ancestral practices, structure)

2. Interpretation (basic techniques for first time players)

3. Maracas in Llanera music (implementation of techniques within the genre in

collaboration with the band)

4. Performing a song in unison with the artist


WED, SEPT 13, 6:00PM-6:45PM


Joropo is a traditional dance practice and musical genre of the plains of Colombia and Venezuela. It is normally practiced in couples but students at the basic level will be able to practice it individually. Basic Joropo routines are centered around basic foot work and are easy to learn for first timers.

Cimarron’s joropo workshops have been produced in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas introducing students to the culture of the plains. Four band members are dancers.

Workshop components:

1. Introduction to the genre (brief description and demonstration)

2. Basic steps (basic techniques for first timers)

3. Individual routines (implementation of steps individually)

4. Routines in pairs (Combinations)

5. Group choreography (Collaboration exercise with live music by the band)

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