I’ll never forget the moment my son Will walked out on the beautiful stage of Shaftman Performance Hall for his very first solo performance. His confidence, his stage presence and hours of instruction and practice culminated in a performance in front of hundreds of guests and triggered deep emotion. Tears filled my eyes as I watched my son transform into a talented performer and entertainer. As a mother, it was truly a magical moment I’ll never forget.

For many of you that know, the Music Lab at Jefferson Center changes, guides, teaches and provides opportunities to young aspiring musicians, like my son, every day. The Music Lab itself is a high tech facility were 6th -12th grade students can compose original music, record with professional equipment, learn the disciplines of teamwork in performing music and receive mentoring from award winning musicians who perform concerts on the stages of Jefferson Center. As mother raising a young man, the Music Lab has inspired a career and my son.

5 years have passed since that day, but the magic is still exists at each and every concert for me and many other mothers, fathers and families watching their children grow and transform. Jefferson Center is home to moments many of us will never forget, not only for students of its beloved Music Lab, but brides, grandparents taking grandchildren to shows, patrons seeing talented artists on stage and for many non-profit organizations that call Jefferson Center home. We all have unforgettable moments that take place inside this jewel of a community center in which we so deeply appreciate for what it has given and continues to give to our families and our community.

Join me this year and make a gift - an investment - in an organization that is working to make a difference by providing opportunities and spaces for those magical moments. Your support will help keep the moments alive for all of us.

I hope that you will consider making a gift and visiting Jefferson Center for a show or an occasion that you will never forget.


Beth Macy,
Music Lab Student Mom and Author of New York Times Best Seller "Factory Man"