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Roof Replacement Complete at Jefferson Center

Wed, Feb 22, 2012

Excellent start towards the completion of capital needs "to do list".
Roanoke, VA - February 22, 2012- Jefferson Center is thrilled to announce the completion of its new roof, a vital step towards securing the future of Jefferson Center as this region’s premiere arts and education center, a home for 20+ non-profit tenant organizations and as a music and arts education hub for artistic teens in Southwest Virginia.

“The project got underway last fall and the McNeil Roofing crews have worked diligently to replace this roof,” said Cyrus Pace, Jefferson Center Executive Director. “Before the replacement, the roof had very serious leaks and we couldn’t be sure what area of Jefferson Center would be damaged next. With the new roof and a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty we can confidently continue to host inspiring shows, further our community arts programs and begin moving forward with the remainder of our capital needs to-do list.”

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