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Jazz Institute




June 18th – June 22nd

Jazz Institute at Jefferson Center is a comprehensive camp to teach students about America's art form, Jazz. Students participate in a weeklong program that culminates in a live, recorded performance.

The Jefferson Center Jazz Institute will:

·      Take place over 5 days during the summer each year

·      Offer high profile jazz musicians to teach the students

·      Offer opportunities for students to learn all aspects of playing jazz

·      Host classes, performances and lecture/demonstrations

·      Partner with local schools to implement a higher level of jazz education

·      Partner with the Music Lab at Jefferson Center to focus on recording

·      Offer performance opportunities for the students and instructors

·      Act as a catalyst to promote jazz as an art form to the students and therefore the greater public

·      Produce a recording each year with the master musicians and students that will be promoted through the school system.

·      Raise money to offer students scholarships to continue jazz training at a higher learning institution.


We will be posting the sign-up form along with other exciting news here soon!