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Music Lab Open Lab features an incentivized curriculum to advance the students through a three-level system.

(Enrollment for 2016-2017 is OPEN NOW)

(please review Music Lab Expectations & Policies here)

Music Lab: Open Lab

Orientation, Intro to Music Lab: All Music Lab students begin here with our only required courses, which will introduce the student to Music Lab facilities and rules, as well as provide the foundation for the Audio Production classes.

Level System - Starting with Level C, students will learn the basics of Audio Production (using Logic X software) and Music Theory. Upon completion of all Level C classes, 2 extra credits, and the Level B Exam, students will graduate to Level B and have access to more advanced classes and equipment.

Audio Production: Designed to familiarize students with digital recording and mixing via digital audio workstations (Logic Pro & Pro Tools), waveform theory, auditory synthesis, composition, professional audio equipment, and recording technique in an interactive setting.

Music Theory: Offered at 2 levels, these classes will focus on ear training, chords, scales and arranging.

Music Business: Covers topics such as copyright, marketing, promotion, booking, careers in the music industry, and case studies.