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About the Music Lab

The Music Lab at Jefferson Center has created a model for the future - the dawn of a new era in arts education to better prepare young people and serve our community.

The Music Lab represents an innovative model of experiential learning in music business, technology, and performance as an extension of the education area schools provide. We are preparing local youth for future education, careers, and interests in the music and entertainment industries.

Our primary program serves area 6th-12th graders. We plan to offer adult learning classes this spring and we currently offer a variety of programs annually to serve youth in grades K-5. After hours and on weekends, our state-of-the-art recording facility is open for commercial use.

We are developing a new model for molding the lives of youth as they grow not only as musicians, engineers, and performers, but as contributing members of our society, knowledgeable consumers, and engaged citizens.

Music performance, recording arts, and music business are all built into our intentionally designed curriculum. The Music Lab requires accountability, rigor and discipline for success. It also builds respect for diversity and creativity by drawing youth and instructors from a variety of backgrounds and communities.

Our curriculum is designed to grant students increased autonomy as they progress through each phase, so we can better accommodate each student in terms of their musical abilities, interests, and personal development. Whereas one student may prefer only to don headphones and make beats, another may want to write and publish songs as well as engineer and produce professional recording sessions.

The Music Lab will provide a structured learning environment catered to each student’s aspirations. Regardless if a student is highly motivated or is less focused and just wants to hang out, our curriculum will aid in their development both personally and academically.

We have assembled an amazing blend of personalities and talent, along with exciting and experienced instructors to lead and mentor Music Lab students every day. Students will be joined by local, regional, and national-level musicians and entrepreneurs.

Positioned in one of the area’s greatest talent centers, Jefferson Center, students may have an impromptu encounter with a multi-platinum recording artist or a planned workshop where they receive hands-on training from a Grammy award winner.

We are striving to create the premier entertainment, cultural, and educational hub in the Roanoke Valley. The Music Lab represents a forward-looking response to preparing our youth and community for the changing economy, music business, and emerging digital arts.

Questions? Contact Jordan Harman, Jefferson Center's Music Lab Education Coordinator at 540-685-2309 or click here to send him an email.