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Celtic Crossroads

Shaftman Performance Hall
Friday, March 15, 2013 - 8:00pm

Just when you think that you have seen the best that Irish music has to offer, a fresh new show from Ireland is taking the art form to an entirely new level. Celtic Crossroads presents Irish music like never before, set to do to Irish music what Riverdance has done to Irish dance.

The name Celtic Crossroads originates from a time in Ireland when neighbouring communities met at the crossroads between towns and villages to socialise – long before the pub tradition began. With a focus on keeping the tradition of Irish music alive, each performer nurtures this bygone concept, but by virtue of their young age and raw talent, they high-kick this tradition into the 21st Century. True high-kicking from some of Irelands best-respected Irish dancers also intensifies the pulsating rhythms of the show.

The live concerts are a spectacle of talent, displaying how Irish music influenced the global birth of a multitude of musical genres. This show is redefining Irish music by going right to the heart of its rhythms. The inventive arrangements and bass-driven grooves are steering Irish acoustic music into surprising new territory. On its first American visit, word-of mouth alone led to a sell out tour.

The show itself, incorporating seven world-class musicians, playing over twenty instruments on stage, is a fantastic spectacle. From start to finish you are captivated by a wonderful fusion of musical genres in the Irish music family, such as eastern European Gypsy, north American Bluegrass, world Classical and Jazz, and the various forms of Celtic music from around Europe and the rest of the world.

Magical interludes from the haunting uilleann pipes, whistles, low whistles and of course the Irish harp along with some of Irelands finest exponents of traditional song transport the listener to that crossroads in Ireland. Tempestuous fiddle playing competes with explosive banjo, intricate mandolin, accordion, mandola and bouzouki and awe-inspiring guitar riffs, while silky flute playing remind the audience that these fiercely traditional musicians are also classically trained.

Throw in thunderous bodhran rhythms, drumkit, and cajon and the audience finds themselves recklessly and ecstatically stomping along. As the thunder starts to take hold, rhythms beating, Irish dancers defying laws of speed and gravity, musicians swopping instruments before your eyes, building and rising from a slow groove to a climactic, epic and all encompassing wildness of unadulterated genius, audiences are unable to prevent themselves from jumping to their feet in thunderous ovation.

The show's success is rapidly gathering momentum as it leaves a trail of enthralled audiences behind it. This new season is shaping up to be the best one yet for Celtic Crossroads with performances scheduled in some of America's most prestigious venues, as well as further tours in Ireland, Europe, Mexico and Japan.

For more information about Celtic Crossroads visit http://www.celticcrossroads.ie/